Overland Hills Christian Childcare & Preschool

We believe that God loves and cares for each child and that his gospel is for all people of all ages. We make a point of reminding the children of this regularly.

We provide a learning environment that consists of trained teachers, weekly lesson plans, developmentally appropriate activities and consistent teacher to parent communication.

Our daily activities, from meals to lessons, are planned out and implemented with the best in mind for the children present.


We are licensed to have children 6 weeks to 12 years attend our facility. Overland Hills Christian Child Care is authorized by the State of Nebraska to have 150 children present at any one time between 6:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Wendi Nalty

Head Preschool Teacher

Wendi has been teaching at Overland Hills since 2007. She has a background in Occupational Therapy and worked as a Behavioral Therapist with Children on the Autism Spectrum for 10 years. She worked in an Omaha Public Schools classroom for 3 years before doing in-home therapy services. Wendi is married to Kevin and they have four children; Zachary, Claire, Maura and Shea. She believes she was led to Overland Hills Preschool by God. Her faith and understanding has become stronger while sharing the gospel with the OHCCP children. She has a love and passion for teaching and rarely likes to be away from the classroom. She grows a strong bond with each child by working with their individual strength and is always looking for new ways to teach the children and better her classroom. Wendi’s joy in her job comes from having witnessed the faith of parent’s of OHCCP students grow and watching children begin to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Aside from teaching, Wendi loves spending time with her family, vacationing, and exploring. She enjoys crafting, listening to music, or attending concerts and has a strong love for coffee and chocolate!

Parent Recommendations

“Good-bye Mama.” No parent likes to hear those words said in a cheerful voice when leaving their child, but I have come to love hearing those words from the lips of my child.  I know as I leave my baby that she is happy and content — and most importantly — loved.  My daughter has attended OHCCP since she was 8 weeks old, and the Center is her second home.  Every day I place her in loving arms, confident that she will be cared for and inspired to be a well-rounded friend, learner and secure person.  I feel as though we are “in this together” with respect to rasing my daughter.  We are a team, and I am so glad to be part of that team!  It is never easy to leave your child with anyone else, but you can rest assured when you leave your child with the caregivers at OHCCP.  I am thankful for them every time that I pick up my baby and she is happy and smiling.  She is who she is today in large part due to the infinite love and joy that they have shown her while she is in their care.  There is no place like home, except OHCCP.

Priscilla Bowden, parent to Julia, and an elementary school teacher

When I first started looking for a daycare to bring my children, I looked at a lot of places.  After walking through the doors at Overland Hills, I knew I had found where they belong.  My daughter has learned a lot from the staff and by attending the preschool program.  I know that her transition into Kindergarten will be a smooth one.  She has been taught values and to respect others feelings.  She has been nurtured and she has been loved — all of the love and support she would get at home if we could afford to stay at home with our kids.  Most of all, I like that the staff is her second family, that they care what she’s going through, and are there for her.  I cannot recommend Overland Hills to enough people.

Marcy Wiese