About Bobby Kunkle

The Lord brought Bobby to Overland Hills Church the summer of 2011. As the director of music, his main responsibilities are to organize and manage the church musicians, plan Christ-exalting songs of praise for OHC’s worship gatherings, schedule and direct band rehearsals, assume the role as song-leader for services, as well as oversee the Sunday liturgy. Bobby has studied Bible and Theology at Grace University in Omaha, NE and Music Composition at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. His musical background includes working under different mentors such as Steve Raybine, Jackson Berkey, and Eric Richards. These mentors and others inspired him to enter into the world of musical improvisation and composition/arranging. Bobby has previously worked with the Young Americans and toured with Mannheim Steamroller. Alongside his serving with the church, Bobby is a music teacher, choir accompanist, and recording engineer. Ever since becoming a Christian, Bobby’s driving purpose in life has been to complete his and other people’s joy by sharing in the goodness of knowing God and worshiping Him for that.